Live to learn

Everyone knows that in order to learn a language, it is best to practice and live the immersive experiences in the language that we want to learn. Living in a foreign language we are forced to work in environments and circumstances of the most varied: work, friends, parties, family, etc…. And we can live all of these in one day! This continuous confrontation with a fast and changing reality, makes our brain, even if only for survival, absorb all the nuances of the language, and on the whole as they say colloquially “it tune up your hearing”, i.e. differentiating words, even if you do not yet understand their meaning.

For this reason, every day more and more so, companies send their employees on immersion courses abroad for a few days as a way to learn the required language.

Another option they also face is immersion in a foreign language but without having to leave your own country. How? Going to a hotel, rural house, etc., a place where teachers and students only communicate and live in the language you want to learn.

These options serve as a good means to brush up on or polish up a language.


Alberto López Gil